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Virtual Reality or VR has really risen as one of the tech trends for businesses nowadays as it has an unparalleled potential for making the most astounding experiences over the web and smartphones. The technology uses virtual simulations to create a real-world 3D atmosphere for the users. At PegaLogics, we build high-end Virtual Reality Applications for various business needs. We are passionate experts with a flair for grasping innovation to provide apps that are exclusive, appealing, and capable of adding value to the customer’s business. Our in-house team of professional mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, 3D artists, and digital producers has possessed broad ability and experience in building glorious applications. If you are looking to hit in the market, choose us as your VR App development partner and unlock the potential of Virtual Reality.

Our Services

AR Apps for Android & iOS

We have an excellent VR solution for iOS, Android, iPad devices. Get the companionable application with a hassle-free presentation for a varied range of devices.

VR Apps for Headsets

We make well-suited headsets of HTC, Oculus Rift, WMR, etc, that allow you to visualize huge virtual screens.

VR Support & Maintenance

We trust in happy customer policy and consequently serve our clients not only during the service however also takes care after completing the product.

Game App by VR

The absolute sensory interest and high-quality games are developed in pegaloigcs that not only build the game better yet also takes the complete utilization of VR game development technology.

VR Integration Marketing to E-commerce

Experience the ADs of the product; witness the invention on VR before buying and build an impact on your user by offering the VR based technology solutions.

VR Cardboard Applications

Our professionals have profound understanding about Google cardboard VR which aids a scope to reach a large audience to consume VR applications easily.

Our VR App Development Expertise

Being a leading VR App Development company, we have multiple expertises in –







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Industries We Serve


Retail & E-Commerce

Retail and e-commerce merchants who invest in Virtual Reality applications can exploit on these unbelievable experiences to improve their sales and create customer reliability at all levels.


Education & Training

VR innovation helps the delivery of hands-on learning expertise in the simulative atmosphere without using real equipment.



These applications enable the users to take benefits of the device features like camera and GPS to get thorough information like directions, terrain, road conditions, weather forecasts, traffic alerts, and more.


Real Estate

Take your real estate industry a notch superior with a Virtual Reality app that allows potential buyers to discover 3D views of the properties.



These applications enable the users to take benefits of the device features like camera and GPS to get thorough information like directions, terrain, road conditions, weather forecasts, traffic alerts, and more.


Travel & Hospitality

Redefine your travel & hospitality business with the assistance of VR application that can make holidaying as well as dining out more enjoyable than ever.



With Virtual Reality, automobile manufacturers can enhance their manufacturing works and increase their marketing efforts as well.


Engineering Design

Virtual Reality applications help designers and developers to design great products using simulative designs.



Healthcare training and surgical process have turn out to be simpler for the suppliers because they can try their hands at strategies in a VR setting before performing them on patients.

Why PegaLogic for Virtual Reality App Development

Technical Skill

Hire our seasoned VR Expert Developer or team with expertise in various mobile platforms, technologies and in the recent developments as well.

Client-Centric Approach

We have a user-centric approach that analyzes that every client is an exclusive entity along with exceptional needs, challenges, and goals.

Agile Methodology

We work with an agile methodology that concentrates on delivering the best quality solutions in the predefined timeframes.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver flexible engagement models to fit flawlessly with the customer’s requirements, expectations, as well as budget.

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